Reality Fighting January 7, 2023

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MMA Results from Reality Fighting (1/7/23)

Erick Alvarado defeated Jack Fauci by TKO (strikes) 1:20 of Round 2
Lee McHugh defeated Morgan Dean by TKO (strikes) 2:54 of Round 1
Jake Russo defeated Jack Maycock by TKO (strikes) 3:00 of Round 2
Anthony Benevides defeated Oscar Vera by TKO (strikes) 1:39 of Round 1
Maren Lancaster defeated Hal Zanone by TKO (strikes) 1:12 of Round 2
Brody McDougal defeated Nuridiin Abrar by submission (arm bar) 2:10 of Round 1 to become the Amateur Welterweight Champion
Nestor Yuja defeated John Lee by TKO (strikes) 2:59 of Round 2
Michael Antidormi defeated John Hancock by split decision to become the Amateur Featherweight Champion
Al Marro defeated Max Lombardo by TKO (strikes) 2:53 of Round 2
Yuri Panferov defeated Ron Marshall by submission (rear naked choke) 1:37 of Round 1

Grappling Results
John Antonucci defeated Jeremy Keyes Jr. by armbar
Sunder Singh defeated David Durao by heel hook
Justin Valentin defeated Chris Alexander by heel hook
James Argott defeated Joe Brewer-Grzegorczyk by toe hold
All other grappling matches ended in a draw

Reality Fighting returns to Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT on January 7, 2023. The night will include professional MMA fights, amateur MMA fights, and grappling superfights. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster, the Mohegan Sun Box Office, or any fighter or grappler competing on this card. Doors open at 5:00PM. Grappling Superfights will take place from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. The MMA fights will begin at 8:00PM.

Hello, due to technical issues that we are unable to get resolved, the live stream is down and will not be shown tonight. Anyone who purchased it will be refunded by Monday. We are sorry about this and apologize for the inconvenience.

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Main Event
Yuri Panferov (Calandrelli BJJ) vs. Ron Marshall (Anubis)

Al Marro (Mohawk Valley MMA) vs. Max Lombardo (Cage JSA)
Randy Francis (Dexter Vale Tudo) vs. Amin Almelik (Aegis MMA)

Amateur Featherweight Title Fight
Mike Antidormi (CT Combat) vs. John Hancock (Catone MMA/Driven Gym)

Nestor Yuja (Savage) vs. John Lee (Cage JSA)
Brian Alberto (Next Level MMA) vs. Tristan Turano (Whaling City/Jorge Alves BJJ)

Amateur Welterweight Title Fight
Nuridiin Abrar (Boston BJJ) vs. Brody McDougal (Nostos MMA)

Hal Zanone (Savage) vs. Maren Lancaster (Black Wolf)
Oscar Vera (Musuko Champion Factory) vs. Anthony Benevides (Calandrelli BJJ)
Austin Browne (Atlas BJJ) vs. Brendan Behrendt (360 Defense Martial Arts)
Jack Maycock (Manchester BJJ) vs. Jake Russo (FFA)
Lee McHugh (Savage) vs. Morgan Dean (Dexter Vale Tudo/Jorge Alves BJJ)
Jack Fauci (Atlas BJJ) vs. Erick Alvarado (Hard Hitters)


Nick Newell (FAA) vs. John Howard (Ginsberg Academy)
Chris Delaney (Monster MMA) vs. Rob Magao (Manchester BJJ)
James Argott (Subforce Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Joe Brewer-Grzegorczyk (CT Combat)
Jess Johnson (SSDA MMA) vs. Nicole Golinski (Squared BJJ)
Dan Covel (Dan Covel BJJ) vs. Chris Rowan (Technique BJJ)
Jeremey Keyes Jr. (Squared BJJ Danielson) vs. John Antonucci (Renzo Gracie Northern Valley)
Graham Ledger (Manchester BJJ) vs. Sam Collenbeck (Team Link)
Anthony Rita (Nostos MMA) vs. Mark Ferriola (Calandrelli BJJ)
Brandon Reilly (Calandrelli BJJ) vs. Daniel Gilliam (Dexter Vale Tudo)
Donovan Lozada (Grizzlies Wrestling) vs. Alex Green (Cage JSA)
David Durao (FAA) vs. Sunder Singh (Breathe Jiu-Jitsu)
Andrew Tevay (Black Hole) vs. David Nunziata (Carlson Gracie New Haven)
Kaitlyn Boland (Radius Marital Arts/10th Planet) vs. Meghan Diamond (Calandrelli BJJ)


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